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Buying Clothes – 7 Important Considerations While Shopping

Buying tips from experts that will help you choose clothes that are just right for you 

Has it ever happened that your new t-shirt looks two-years-old after a single wash? The colors have faded, and the fabric is not as soft as it used to. Or maybe there are a couple of threads hanging loosely from the shoulders and the moment you try to cut them off they reveal a bigger hole.

Disregard For Quality

Disregard Of Quality Clothes

Clothes are not meant to last for a lifetime, but they are not intended for one-time use either. The global fashion system around the world focuses more on lightning-fast production to meet the demands of customers. And although they provide fantastic deals on the apparels, the quality of the clothes is sometimes not up to the mark.

However, as a consumer, it is tough to quit cheap fashion, especially when there are so many brands waiting to consider you as a loyal customer. That doesn’t mean you should compromise on the quality of the clothes you are wearing. Everyone wants to buy clothes that will last for a few years. But most of you are not aware of what to look for in clothes that will assure a satisfying tenure.

The moment you walk into a store, all you want to see is a 50% discount or a buy-one-get-one-free offer.  If that is the criteria, then you may have frequent experiences of finding a hole in the crotch of your jeans after wearing it only for a few times. Wondering what to look for while buying clothes?

You don’t have to be an expert at this, but if you keep the following tips in mind, you will not only enjoy the hefty discount but also wear the clothes for years:

Gently Touch The Fabric

Gently Touch The Fabric

Touching the fabric is the best way to judge its quality.  As soon as you let your hand guide you, you will understand if the fabric is knit or woven. How does the touch feel? Is it rough, thin, brittle, or soft? Soft garments are often smooth, and you will feel like cuddling them. It can be a sweater or a t-shirt, but the touch feel of the apparel should always be smooth.

If the fabric feels thin, it won’t last long; if it is rough or brittle, you will feel uncomfortable after wearing it. So, the more fiber the clothes have, the longer they will last. That doesn’t mean you will have to settle for heavy fabric only. Even thin clothes that have tightly packed yarns can last long, and they are lightweight as well. In such cases, you should look for density and softness.

If you have denims or t-shirts in your wardrobe that have lasted for more than two years, feel their fabric. You will automatically understand why they are different than the ones that tend to last only for a few weeks.

Check The Seams Inside Out

Check The Seams Inside Out

Once you feel the fabric, your next job will be to inspect the seams holding the dress together. As a rule of thumb, always check for flat, closely spaced, and even stitches. Anything that does not fit this rule-book may be a sign that the garment’s knitting is not up to the mark.

Turn the clothes inside out and check the seams on the inside. For example, if you are buying a shirt, you should check the stitching on the hem. This is the area that tends to have loose stitches after a while. If you are buying a pair of trousers or jeans, check the stitches of the crotch. It should be tightly stitched. However, if it is sloppy or loosely stitched, it will not last for years.

Flat stitches are easy to identify from the outside, but you need to check if they sit flat inside also. Many garments have flat stitches on the outside, but bubbling knits inside. Tailors use two threads in a sewing machine to create a stitch. Their tension on the fabric is different, but ultimately the machine balances the tension to make the stitch long-lasting.

However, if there is a difference in balance, the outside stitch may look satisfactory, but due to the poor stitching inside it won’t be stable enough.

Hold The Fabric Up To A Light

Hold The Fabric Up To A Light

It is not always possible to judge a fabric by merely touching it. Modern manufacturers use starch and other chemicals that can make the fabric smooth and soft, but you need to understand what lies underneath all the chemicals. The density of the weave often indicates how good the garment can. Try holding it up to a light and take a close look.

In addition to understanding the density of the weave, you will also have an idea of the weight of the fabric. You can check the yarns more closely when you see it in front of a light. Pay close attention to th8e individual yarns and see if they are tightly spun. The tighter they are, the better.

There is another way to test the knitting of clothes. Stretch a small area of the fabric and see if it bounces back to the original shape. This is not checking if the fabric is stretchable. On the other hand, it shows if the garment will retain its original shape after you wash it a few times. Clothes tend to sag after a few washes, but well-knitted clothes don’t.

Check The Size

Check The Size

The experience of buying clothes online and offline are entirely different. In offline stores, you can touch and feel the fabric, check the stitching and knitting, and then decide to buy. If you are satisfied with everything, you can check them out in the trial room too.

But online stores, things work differently. There are no trial rooms and no opportunity to hold the fabric up to a light. So, there will be some guesswork that you need to rely on. But you can always confirm your size according to their size charts. Online stores specify the dimensions of their garments so that customers can compare and choose the one that fits them best.

Open the size chart and see the instructions mentioned. Take a measuring tape and measure the points specified. If you are buying trousers, you need to measure your waits and compare it with the size chart; similarly, for shirts, t-shirts, or any other dress, don’t forget to keep a measuring tape handy. Since that is one thing you can confirm before buying, don’t skip it and choose M or L based on your physique.

Check The Cut Corners

Check The Cut Corners

The fabric and knitting are comparatively easy to understand, but there are other crucial areas of the garments that you need to check as well if you want long-lasting clothes. For example, the construction of the crotch seam; the tailor should ideally take two stitches with different lengths, and run one over the other.

This reinforces the crotch seam making it tougher for the stitch to become loose. Also, keep an eye on the buttonholes. They should be sturdy and not have fraying threads around the cut. Another area of concern is how the fabric is cut. It should always be along the grain. If it is on a clear angle or a bias cut, it should be at a 45-degree angle.

This allows the fabric to stretch. Garments that have poorly cut fabric may become out of shape after a few washes. If you are planning to buy a shirt or a trouser, make sure there is proper interfacing. Interfacing is a hard, but flexible fabric that obtains the structure of the cuffs and waistbands. Poor quality interfacing can disturb the structure of the shirt or trouser. If you see any of these symptoms while buying clothes, it means they were hastily made not keeping the quality in mind.

Cost and brand reputation

Cost and brand reputation

There are lots of online brands that offer amazing deals on apparels, but think for a second – they are not selling them at a loss. When you find clothes at unbelievable prices, there is a catch somewhere that most customers can’t figure out. Probably, you don’t care because discounts are on your mind.

If you think carefully, you will understand that these companies sell clothes that usually don’t last long. That is why brand reputation is another factor you should keep in mind while buying clothes. Popular brands neither compromise on the quality of the garments nor the price. Yes, they too provide discounts, but their final cost is much more than the prices of similar garments on new brands.

It is hard to digest that expensive clothes last longer, but if you compare their fabric quality, stitching, and cut, you will find a massive difference. They are far superior to the t-shirt that just lost its color after a wash. Famous brands value their customers, and they don’t take the risk of selling poor-quality clothes at discounted prices.

Color Combinations For Clothes And Shoes

Color Combinations For Clothes

Who doesn't love color? Granted, there may be a few 'cream queens' among us (and don't worry, we still love you), however, for most of us, a splash of color is something that can lift our spirits. When it comes to what we wear, getting that color combination right is essential. Two colors that you love very much may look incredible when worn alone, but pair them together and you may just have created a fashion nightmare!

So how can you get it right every time? What are some amazing color combination for clothes and shoes for 2019? Allow us to indulge your fashion self!

Keep It Crisp And Clean With Green And Yellow

Green and yellow are two colors that have the ability to make almost anyone look clean and fresh. A great choice for the Spring and Summer months, although don't be afraid to rock this color combination all year round if it tickles your fancy. If you are cool toned you will get away with pairing bright yellow along with luminous greens for a real head-turning outfit. If your complexion is more warm toned you will likely find that darker greens matched with mustard really flatter your skin tone.

Green And Yellow Color Combo - How To Make It Work

There's nothing better than an example to showcase how great a color combination can be. So if you are keen to try our green and yellow combo why not match a pair of jeans with a blazer in a shade of yellow that suits your complexion, next find a killer pair of green heels and don't forget a few pieces of green jewelry to bring the whole outfit together. Now that's what we call an outfit that passersby are going to remember for all the right reasons!

Green And Yellow Color Combo

Keep It Subtle With Pale Blue And Pale Pink

Spring is a great time to give pastels a little excursion and one color combination we love in clothes and shoes is pale blue and pale pink. If you are someone who tends to shy away from pastels in the opinion that they don't have the potential to make a statement, you could be missing out on a wonderful sense of fashion! When paired correctly, pastel shades can be just as eye-catching as bold colors.

Pale Pink And Blue Color Combo - How To Make It Work

Get ready to say goodbye to winter and hello to those hazy days of spring and summer with a pretty pink cashmere sweater paired with a pair of faded blue denims. Set the look off with an appealing pair of pale pink heels and bag and you are ready for the spring catwalk!

Keep It Subtle With Pale Blue And Pale Pink

Keep It Fresh With White And Purple

This may not be a color combination that comes to mind right away but we totally recommend that you give it a go! Granted, white goes with anything but there are some colors that really make it rock and purple sure is one of them. If you want a look that can make you feel like a strong yet feminine individual, a purple and white clothes and shoe combo could be right up your street.

White And Purple Combo - How To Make It Work

There are a lot of ways to make this combo look great but one outfit we especially find appealing is paring a white blouse with a pair of slim fit purple jeans. Finish the look off with a pair of purple open toe sandals and a silver clutch bag and you are ready for a lunch with the girls, or cocktails with your significant other.

White Blouse Purple Combo

When it comes to color combinations for clothes and shoes it can be easy to fall into a habit of wearing the same combinations all the time. Don't allow yourself to fall into this trap. 

The world is a better place when it is filled with inspiring colors and sensational shades. Instead of opting for your 'safe' combination why not try one of the ones we have outlined above? 

You may very well find yourself falling in love with a color that you never even thought of wearing before.

If none of the color combinations we have outlined tickle your fancy there are plenty more that you can try.

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